A-F33 Pro Line Corrector Treatment

Anew A-F33

In 2012 AVON turned the anti-aging skincare industry upside down. The product responsible for this game change is called ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment. This innovation was so ground breaking that plastic surgeons starting talking about it even before it hit the market! Plastic Surgery Practice said that “ AVON’s Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser with A-F33 may give laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels and other facial rejuvenation techniques a run for their money ”. This serum is clinically engineered to treat fine lines and deep wrinkles and can benefit people that would otherwise be treated with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin.

A-F33 works by increasing the levels of the enzyme PLOD-2. PLOD-2 is important enzyme that keeps our skin looking young, but as we age our PLOD-2 levels decrease. This decline in PLOD-2 causes your collagen strands to become loosely woven and degrade which causes fine lines and deep wrinkles on our skin. A-F33 increases the availability of PLOD-2 giving you stronger collagen strands. So, A-F33 basically deactivates collagen-blockers and allows new collagen production to take hold which improves the look of your fine lines and deep wrinkles. A-F33 can also be combined safely with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. The developers of Pro Line Eraser Treatment are calling the combination of A-F33 and AHA “a quantum leap” in skin care.

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