Anew Vitale 14 Day System

AVON Anew Vitale 25+

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, don’t let it show, stay fresh faced with hardworking skincare that keeps up with you. Powered by ProEnergy Complex and designed for women 25+, ANEW Vitale helps to strengthen the skins structure and fight the signs of ageing caused by everyday stress.

Scientific research shows that once you hit your mid 20s you begin to see a negative impact on a key skin protein which can accelerate ageing. This multi functional protein, SP1, is essential for keeping your skins matrix protein network intact, and helps to facilitate proper delivery of skin nutrients*. Loss of SP1 can lead to underlying defects in skin and consequently wrinkle formation. Avon’s ANEW Vitale, with ProEnergy Complex, targets these problems and helps offset the negative impacts, which can include sleep deprived looking skin and fine lines, to leave you looking your best.

Anthony Gonzalez, Senior Skincare Manager, Avon Research & Development says: “Hectic lifestyles, demanding schedules and a whole host of external factors can cause stress that can manifest itself on your skin, especially in the mid 20’s, when the primary signs of ageing begin to develop. ANEW Vitale is formulated to allow for efficient delivery of nutrients to your skin to help fight ageing and leave it looking energised.”

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